African ride-hailing operator, Bolt has partnered with Nest Innovation Park (‘the Nest’) to launch a €25,000 seed fund in an Innovative Accelerator program that empowers drivers in its platform on an entrepreneurial journey.

Thus, the application is open for the Bolt Den from today September 19, 2023. The essence of the programme is to support business plans developed by Nigerian drivers that link to its Africa City Vision, based around sustainable transport.

Also, the programme will be run in close partnership with The Nest, whose network of mentors will support eligible drivers in developing their business plans before a pitch day is held in November.

To Apply:

Bolt will simultaneously in November launch the Bolt Academy, a tailored online training program for Nigerian drivers to promote business development skills and support future career development. The Bolt Academy online training will be provided by global leader Coursera and supported by in-person sessions with PM4Success International.

Together, these two initiatives will form the Bolt Accelerator Program, which seeks to redefine the journey of drivers as entrepreneurs and amplify economic growth prospects across Nigeria.

She continued: “Drivers are the heartbeat of our business, and we believe that offering more developed economic empowerment opportunities makes our platform a more attractive place to come. It’s a win-win and we hope to take the program further afield in Africa.”

“At The Nest, we maintain a deliberate and discerning approach when selecting our partners and undertaking projects,” said Oluwajoba Oloba, Co-founder at The Nest. “We hold a high level of enthusiasm for the Bolt accelerator program due to its alignment with Bolt’s commitment to the prosperity and welfare of its stakeholders, a quality that distinguishes Bolt from its counterparts”.

He continued: “This initiative not only promises to enhance the quality of life for individuals within the Bolt ecosystem but also to make a valuable contribution to the innovation landscape of our ecosystem and the overall GDP of our country”

Bolt already runs a range of engagement initiatives in Nigeria, tailored towards building and fostering a deeper relationship with the driver ecosystem operating on Bolt platform. These initiatives include the Bolt Novelty Football Match, Bolt Women Summit, a Facebook group for verified drivers in Nigeria to connect, share experiences, and access firsthand information.


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