TechLife Media and Communications Limited has launched the Women Entrepreneurs and Executives Tech Foundation (WEET Foundation), which the company says will serve as a catalyst for the empowerment of women and young girls in Nigeria.

The Coordinator of the Foundation, Ms. Ugochi Emmanuel, while speaking to Journalists recently said the essence of the foundation is to serve as a cornerstone for mentorship, skills development, and networking.

“We are introducing the Women Entrepreneurs and Executives Tech Foundation (WEET Foundation) to serve as a catalyst for change and is dedicated to empowering and equipping women and girls with the skills, resources, and opportunities they need to excel in the digital economy,” she said.

According to Ugochi, the vision of the foundation is not confined to borders, but to be an international brand, creating waves of transformation far beyond Nigeria’s homeland.

She added that WEET Foundation will be a platform where women entrepreneurs and executives can collaborate, learn from each other’s experiences, and strengthen their capacities to navigate the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

“Through mentorship programmes, training initiatives, and strategic partnerships, the Foundation will strive to pave the way for women and girls to break free from limitations and embrace the limitless possibilities that technology offers,” she explained.

WEET Foundation last week at the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), Oshodi, Lagos organised a 2-day Boot Camp for women and girls to expose them to emerging issues in the digital age, from an introductory perspective.

The Boot Camp was informed by the foundation’s philosophy of ‘catch them young’.

During Boot Camp, these young girls were introduced to concepts such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Metaverse, Quantum Computing, Green Technology, Cyber Protection, ICT-driven Entrepreneurship, and many more.


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