In its shared focus of empowering state tax administrators to seamlessly integrate their existing systems with cutting-edge technology infrastructure, Interswitch has decided to lead a discussion on revenue collection and generation within the context of digitalization.

The discussion took place at the just concluded Nigerian Revenue Summit themed, ‘Digital Payment as a Catalyst for Revenue Growth’, in Abuja, even as it hosted tax administrators and other relevant stakeholders from across the nation. 

The summit’s focus on the pivotal role of digitalization in Nigeria’s emerging economy drove significant discourse around the topic of fortifying the country’s fiscal landscape.

Speaking at the summit, Chinyere Don-Okhuofu, Managing Director, Industry Ecosystems (Interswitch Indeco) said the firm is playing a pivotal role in driving the growth of revenue collection and generation in Nigeria by providing innovative and secure payment solutions that enable efficient transactions and increase government and business revenue streams.

“At Interswitch, we are all about innovation and solutions, and we recognize that digitalization is a key indicator of a country’s economic advancement. That is why our commitment to innovation never stops. We are driving seamless revenue collection of tax with our revolutionary solutions, each designed to redefine traditional paradigms”.

She added that the recognition and vested support in businesses in the informal sector have inspired the creation of a series of products that help with automated enumeration, provide diverse payment channels, and a platform that gives a more centralized payment view, in the Nigerian Revenue system.

This year’s Nigerian Revenue Summit n expanded its reach and inclusivity with a focus on empowering state tax administrators to seamlessly integrate their existing systems with Interswitch’s cutting-edge technology infrastructure.


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