Medallion Data Centre, a Digital Realty company yesterday in Lagos launched its second data center in what can be described as a response to the demand of customers, who have yielded to the call for local hosting of contents and data.

Tagged as LOS2, the new data centre comes with an additional one megawatt of IT capacity and will be interconnected with the company’s existing LOS1 data center, touted as the most interconnected facility in the West African sub-region and the top peering point for the region.

Speaking at the launch, which attracted stakeholders from Nigeria’s telecom and IT industry, including the telecom regulator, Engr. Ikechukwu Nnamani, Chief Executive Officer of Medallion Data Centre, noted that the LOS2 is an extension of the existing data centre, which has run out of space.

“The launch of the LOS2 today is an extension because we’ve run out of space in the last one, and customers needed more space and capacity. So we have to view this as an extension of this whole part of Lagos infrastructure development. We still have a long story coming up under the facilities at Lekki, which is part of the Africa submarine cable,” he said.

The LOS2 Data Centre is a 3-floor building with one megawatt of IT capacity and 232 racks. It also comes with 8 kilowatts of rack density, 230V of PDU model and a dual power supply.

Other features include;

  • It expands the peering and connectivity capacity currently available in LOS1
  • It is less than 1km from the hyperscale LOS# datacenter currently under development
  • Redundant fiber connection to LOS1. LOS3, LLK1, LKK2
  • Tier 3+ DLR Global operational standard

Also, in terms of electrical, the data center comes with an electrical IT system topology in 2N configuration, each power room consists of 2600KW UPS system and VRLA batteries providing 5min EOL at 1200 KW per side, cooling technology is DX, redundancy is N+1 in all rooms and a 2x2650kVA generators.

Also speaking, Mike Hollands, Vice President of Market Development at Digital Realty, expressed delight on the launch of the data center, saying Digital Realty was attracted to Medallion having seen the tremendous value in the original data centre.

“We saw 70 networks present here already. We saw the Internet exchange of Nigeria doing tremendously well from this facility. And it’s incredible now that we’re able to build and expand on that by the facility that we’ve built right next door, brand new and ready for our customers to continue and grow and expand and help make the infrastructure the internet infrastructure of Nigeria stronger and better,” he told Journalists on the sideline.

He explained that there has been a tremendous amount of demand by existing customers to expand all the metrics in Nigeria as the economy grows, as people use mobile and social media more.

“There’s a huge demand for expansion and this is what laws to facilitate. It allows the growth of the services that our customers offer. And at the end of the day, the citizens of Lagos and Nigeria are the ones that benefit by better mobile and interconnection services,” he added.


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