81 students between the ages of 14 and 17 from public and private secondary schools across Nigeria are billed to compete for the crown of the best Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) student in Nigeria for the fifth edition of the InterswitchSPAK National Science Competition. 

Over 17,000 secondary-school-age students had put in their applications for participation. Following the national qualifying examinations, the top 81 participants will be thrilling the audience in the competition as they bid for their share of the grand sum of N12.5 million which will be shared among the top 3 contestants.

The first prize winner will receive a whooping sum of N7.5 million worth of scholarships for five years, a laptop, and monthly stipends. The second-place winner will receive N4 million in scholarships for three years, a laptop, and monthly stipends, while the third-place winner will, get N1 million in scholarships for one year, monthly stipends, and a laptop.

Previous editions of the competition saw only the top three contestants go home with financial rewards, however, this fifth season will feature an expanded winning pool.  To commemorate the fifth edition of the competition, Interswitch will reward more winners, with the 4th to 24th contestants receiving cash prizes of up to N250,000.

Not only will the students be recipients of these exciting cash prizes, but their teachers, being the linchpins of institutional learning, will also be rewarded for their remarkable contributions.

The InterswitchSPAK National Science Competition isn’t just a platform for recognizing academic excellence; it’s a testament to Interswitch’s unflinching commitment to discovering homegrown talents who can change Africa’s narrative through the power of STEM education.

InterswitchSPAK, a CSR initiative of Interswitch, Africa’s leading integrated payments and digital commerce company, was designed to empower aspiring and brilliant young minds who possess the potential to impact the African narrative one STEM subject at a time.

As a continent brimming with gifted minds that can only be unlocked by harnessing their genius, InterswitchSPAK aims to hone their talents through education, with a focus on STEM.

Beyond Nigeria, the InterswitchSPAK competition will be airing its fourth season in Kenya, East Africa, consolidating its momentum as the standard for educational empowerment in Africa.

InterswitchSPAK’s focus on STEM rises from the recognition of these subjects as the cornerstone of innovation, development, and progress, not only in Africa but across the globe. Interswitch is contributing to the development of future leaders and problem-solvers who will shape the African continent and the world through their STEM prowess.

To be a part of the excitement and brilliance of InterswitchSPAK 5.0, tune in to DSTV Africa Magic Family Channel 154 every Sunday at 6:00 p.m.  If you miss out on the Sunday broadcast – there’s a repeat programme on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm on the same channel. Additionally, you can catch the program on AIT Network every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

This widespread accessibility ensures that the competition reaches millions of captivated audiences around the continent, inspiring young minds across Africa and beyond to embrace the wonders of STEM education. As the competition unfolds, it promises to ignite the flames of curiosity, learning, and excellence in the hearts of students and educators alike.


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