In an ambitious move to tap into the projected US$ 40.80 billion in Africa’s e-commerce market, Anyworkx yesterday in Lagos launched an e-ordering app to enhance productivity and income generation across Africa through a seamless and convenient e-ordering experience for services.

Here are the major five things to note about the app

  • AnyworkX is a game-changing online marketplace that will revolutionize the way services are accessed and delivered across Africa.
  • It connects service providers with customers and offers convenience, safety, and economic opportunities.
  • AnyworkX is a huge step up from the few efforts to create e-ordering apps
  • It covers a comprehensive range of services (over 200) and has a continuously improving user-friendly interface and secure payment system.
  • AnyworkX is designed to be a “must-have” app for seamless and trusted connections between service providers and customers within a country, across Africa and globally. It is a must-have app for unforeseen moments of emergency and urgency.

Powered by X-agon Digital Solutions Limited, the app is available 24/7, thus creating a 24-hour economy wherever it is possible and safe.

Unveiling the app at a press conference, Bolaji-Tijani, Executive Director, Product and Strategy disclosed that the Anyworkx app is a cutting-edge app with capabilities and the ability to facilitate real-time engagements between service providers and their markets.

“We have created Anyworkx as a one-stop service shop that powers seamless and borderless interaction between service providers in Africa and their markets, fosters economic growth and enhances livelihoods,” he said.

He explained that the app revolutionizes the way service transactions are consummated and builds the future of the service industry, particularly in Africa by providing a virtual marketplace that can be trusted and user-friendly.

The e-ordering market in Africa is growing rapidly due to increased internet penetration and smartphone usage. According to Statista, the revenue in the e-commerce market in Africa is projected to reach US$40.80bn in 2023.

Also, the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 13.53%. Despite the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector on the continent, online shopping in Africa is still under the global average, even in Africa’s driving markets.

Thus, the launch of the Anyworkx app is already being touted as a transformative and inclusive platform that overcomes challenges faced by Africans while financially empowering Africans. The platform provides an edge that can bring together service providers across Africa, create a bigger market and boost income generation and economic empowerment in Africa.


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