The D.I.C.E (Digital Innovation & Creative Excellence) mixer, which was organized recently in Lagos with the theme “Solve for Africa: Co-Creating a Tech-Enabled Future,” attracted over 250 leaders from technology and creative industries across Africa.

The event marked a pivotal moment for cross-sector collaboration, bringing together a diverse group of professionals including startups, big tech firms, policymakers, NGOs, and media to engage in transformative dialogues shaping the future of technology in Africa.

Organised by Beyond Limits Africa, the DICE mixer facilitated insightful discussions led by a lineup of distinguished speakers.

Industry veterans like Funke Opeke, Kola Aina, and Amal Hassan Wada, alongside creative influencers such as Tomike Adeoye, Miss Techy, and Broda Shaggi; and startup leaders including Iyin Aboyeji, Damilola Olokesusi, and Solape Akinpelu, converged to share their perspectives and insights. The event also featured interactive segments like Ask-Me-Anythings and panel discussions, fostering a space for open dialogue and forward-thinking ideas.

Amidst a backdrop of rapid digital transformation, Africa stands at the cusp of a technological renaissance. With over 400 million internet users and a burgeoning startup ecosystem that raised over $4 billion in 2021 alone, the continent is ripe for an era of unprecedented innovation. DICE 2023 embodies the spirit of this transformation, recognizing the immense opportunities that arise from harnessing collective expertise and collaboration. Dr. Juliet Ehimuan, founder of Beyond Limits Africa and a notable figure in the tech industry, underlines the importance of such a platform:, “In a continent brimming with talent and innovation, platforms like DICE are essential in knitting together diverse perspectives to unlock Africa’s full potential.”

Dr. Ehimuan further elaborates on the event’s impact: “DICE 2023 has set a new standard for tech and creative industry collaborations. The insights shared here are instrumental in shaping a unified vision for Africa’s technological advancement. Our goal was to spark meaningful connections and ideas that transcend beyond this event, laying the groundwork for increased collaborations that contribute to accelerating a tech-enabled future across the continent.”

The event’s success was marked by the enthusiastic engagement of attendees, reflecting the readiness of Africa’s tech community to embrace innovation and collaborative efforts. Participants engaged in lively discussions, and networking sessions, and explored potential partnerships, underscoring the importance of collective effort in driving Africa’s digital transformation.

Looking forward, the DICE mixer stands as a beacon for similar future initiatives that aim to unify, inspire, and accelerate the growth of Africa’s tech and creative sectors. Interested stakeholders from diverse industries are encouraged to join the upcoming edition of DICE, scheduled for early 2023.


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