Interswitch has sealed a strategic partnership with the Ogun State Health Insurance Agency (OGSHIA) to revolutionize healthcare payment transactions in the State, thereby enhancing accessibility and efficiency.

This partnership, according to a press release issued during the weekend, will help to improve the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services within the state, even as OGSHIA aims to amplify the scope and efficiency of its health insurance transactions, streamline processes and foster financial inclusivity.

The press release revealed that the integration of Interswitch’s cutting-edge multi-channel payments system will empower residents to make secure and convenient payments across various platforms, thereby elevating the overall healthcare experience in Ogun State.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with OGSHIA in our shared commitment to drive accessible and affordable healthcare in Ogun State. Interswitch’s innovative multi-channel payments solution is poised to revolutionize the way health insurance transactions are conducted, ultimately contributing to the realization of OGSHIA’s noble vision. As we integrate these services, we are further enabling the state’s health system to be inclusive and more responsive to the needs of the people, now and in the future,” said Osasere Atohengbe, Vice President, Government & Social Services Ecosystem at Interswitch.

Also, Dr. Tomi Coker, the Commissioner for Health, Ogun State noted that the partnership is a step in the right direction for the state’s healthcare infrastructure as it aligns with its mission to provide every citizen with medical services without financial strain.

“Harnessing Interswitch’s proficiency in digital payment solutions will significantly enhance the efficiency of the health insurance transaction process. This solution ensures that our citizens can effortlessly and securely settle payments for healthcare services. We are eliminating economic barriers to healthcare, advancing one seamless payment at a time. We firmly believe that the prosperity of our state is intricately tied to the well-being of our people,” she added.

The introduction of multi-channel payments goes beyond technological advancement; it represents hope in action. This advancement guarantees that individuals no longer need to confront the dilemma of deciding between their health and their financial well-being.

With a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, Interswitch is positioned as a key player in shaping a future where quality healthcare is not just available, but easily accessible in Nigeria. The company continues to leverage technological solutions to solve pertinent issues in various industries, highlighting its dedication to catalyzing growth and development in Nigeria and beyond.


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