…. The awareness campaign is designed to equip Nigerians with the tools they need to distinguish between legitimate offerings from QNET and fraudulent schemes.

To foster brand recognition and enhance consumer protection in Nigeria, QNET, a leading global lifestyle and wellness-focused direct selling company, has announced the commencement of a comprehensive social awareness campaign. This initiative, spanning three months, will utilize a strategic mix of Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) Advertising techniques to effectively educate and engage the Nigerian audience and consumers.

With a focus on outdoor advertising, traditional media channels, and the Nairaland forum, QNET aims to provide invaluable knowledge and resources to Nigerians, safeguarding them from potential scams.

This multifaceted campaign is designed not only to create trust and a sense of camaraderie within the community but also to equip consumers with the essential knowledge required to make well- informed purchasing choices, thanks to informative content and expert insights. In alignment with its unwavering commitment to ethical business practices, QNET’s social awareness initiative reflects the company’s core values of transparency, integrity, and consumer empowerment.

By cultivating an atmosphere characterized by trust and accountability, QNET aspires to contribute to the economic prosperity of Nigerians and foster a culture of responsible entrepreneurship in the nation. This campaign comes at a crucial time when awareness about authentic direct-selling businesses is paramount.

Biram Fall, the Regional General Manager of QNET Sub-Saharan Africa, underscores the company’s commitment to offering quality products and empowering consumers through knowledge and awareness.

“QNET’s social awareness campaign in Nigeria is a crucial step in equipping Nigerians with the tools to differentiate between legitimate offerings from QNET and fraudulent schemes, ultimately creating a safer and more informed consumer landscape. Beyond safeguarding consumers, this campaign also serves as an introduction to the diverse range of lifestyle and wellness products that QNET provides, aimed at enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families across the country,” Biram explains.

For more detailed information about QNET and its ongoing social awareness campaign, individuals are encouraged to reach out via WhatsApp to the QNET Compliance Whatsapp Hotline for Sub-Saharan Africa at +233 25 663 0005. Alternatively, inquiries can be directed via email to network.integrity@qnet.net



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