The highest and fastest growing tech occupation in 2024 is Data Engineering, followed by Back End Developer and Senior Data Scientist, Mr. Tim Akano, Chief Executive Officer at New Horizons Nigeria has disclosed.

According to him, a Data Engineer will earn $150k per annum from December 2024.

“Folks who desire an extraordinary lifestyle should consider a career in Data Engineering. It is one of the hottest courses in the world today, according to all the Research institutions, including LinkedIn,” he posted on all his social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

He highlighted the 8 steps to take to earn jumbo salaries as a Data Engineer including Mathematics and Statistics, Programming, Database Management, Machine learning, Data Warehousing and Data Pipelines, Big Data Integration, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics Engineering.

The New Horizon Boss also categorized Data Engineering as one of the skills with zero unemployment as there are millions of Job vacancies for qualified Data Engineers in North America, Canada, Europe, UK, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

“If you are tired of a SMALL LIFE and you desire a genuine platinum lifestyle, consider dedicating the next nine months of 2024 to the acquisition of the 8 major certifications and get qualified as a Data Engineer,” he requested.

Meanwhile, other paying qualifications he highlighted include CRM Developer, User Interface Developer, Python Developer, Andriod Developer, Devops Developer, Front End Developer and Cloud Architect.


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