Cross River State is witnessing a transformative era in healthcare logistics, thanks to Zipline’s innovative drone technology. Health facilities in communities around the Ogoja local government have lauded the government’s partnership with Zipline as vital to reshaping the landscape of medical supplies in remote areas.

In an interview with healthcare professionals at some Zipline-serviced facilities, they indicate that Zipline is changing lives by ensuring that life-saving medications and health supplies are delivered promptly and efficiently to the most isolated corners of the State. This, they say is particularly evident in the Ijiraga and Mfuma Primary Health Centers, which previously struggled with frequent medication shortages and delayed restocking, compromising patient care. However, since the collaboration with the federal state, these centres are now able to offer efficient and reliable healthcare services to their patients.

Commenting on his experience, Mr. Augustine Okpotu, the Director at the Ijiraga Primary Health Centre, said, “Zipline’s drone technology has been a game-changer; it has addressed the core parameters of primary healthcare: affordability, availability, and accessibility. This is because the Zipline drone technology has reduced the cost of us moving out of the facility to buy drugs. Even now that fuel is scarce and there are restrictions on transportation, we find it very easy to access the required medical products. We don’t have to travel anymore; with just a phone call or a text message, we receive the required drugs promptly, overcoming obstacles like fuel scarcity and transportation restrictions.”

Mr. Augustine added, “Previously, people were reluctant to come to the primary health care facilities because of the long wait times and out-of-stock syndrome. But now, we compete with higher-level healthcare facilities in terms of the availability of drugs. By leveraging this cutting-edge delivery system, we have substantially reduced the wastage and expiration of drugs at our health centres.”

Beyond logistics, the transformative impact of Zipline’s services extends to instilling hope and trust in the onboarded health facilities. A striking example of this is a life-saving intervention at the Ijiriga Primary Health Facility. A patient arrived with severe vomiting and diarrhoea, and the facility, through Zipline, promptly received the necessary drugs within minutes, drastically reducing the patient’s waiting time and potentially saving their life. Such efficiency not only saves lives but also enhances the reputation and trust of these remote health facilities, giving them a competitive edge.

Mr. Raphael Ochim, the Director of the Mfuma PHC, also attested to the transformative impact of Zipline, stating, “Since Zipline started operations here, the drone technology and service have been really good and helpful. It is less expensive, fast, and accurate. We don’t have to pay for transportation or transport ourselves to far distances to get these drugs anymore; we just call them, and they deliver in the shortest possible time. The patients are now happy, and the number of people that come to the facility has increased because many of them jubilate at the sight of the drones delivering the drugs. Their trust in the quality of our drugs has increased as they now trust that the drugs we give them are genuine.”

Zipline’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of its operations. Their robust feedback network ensures that healthcare providers are always in the loop, with regular updates on delivery statuses. This thorough attention to detail and alignment with the needs of healthcare facilities underscore Zipline’s dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility.

The company currently serves over 13 million Nigerians across Kaduna, Cross River, and Bayelsa States, covering more than 46,000 square kilometres and servicing over 1,000 healthcare facilities. With more than 100,000 deliveries of healthcare products and almost 7 million products delivered globally, the skies over Cross River State are no longer just a backdrop; they are active conduits of health and hope, thanks to Zipline’s pioneering drone technology.



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