Kaspersky has gathered some top tips for staying safe whilst dating online below based on a new survey which revealed shocking data about the extent of digital abuse, where a quarter of respondents (23%) of 21,000 people worldwide, reveals had experienced some form of online stalking from a person they were newly dating. A third (34%) of respondents believe that Googling/checking the social media accounts of a person you had started dating as a form of due diligence is acceptable and 41% admitted to doing so when they started dating someone.

The tips are:

  • Keep passwords to yourself and make sure they are complex and unique.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it might just be – if in doubt check!
  • Take a moment to check your digital privacy.
  • Think before you share – the Internet has a long memory and sharing too much too soon can leave you vulnerable.
  • Create a ‘safe plan’ if you move from the digital to the real world.
  • Consider using a comprehensive cyber security or VPN solution to protect yourself.

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