The Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Kashifu Inuwa has advocated for the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Nigeria’s security architecture.

The DG advocated for this when he hosted the Commandant of the National Institute for Security Studies (NISS), Alhaji A. S Adeleke, who was represented by his Deputy Commandant, D. E Egbeji.

He argued that this can be done through collaboration between the security industry and the startup ecosystem and will ultimately, lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness in Nigeria’s security sector.

During the visit, Inuwa highlighted the unique approaches of the security and information technology (IT) sectors, noting that collaboration could harness the vast opportunities offered by IT, including the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and other emerging technologies to strengthen the security sector.

“The way you do things in Security is different from the way we do things in the Information Technology (IT) sector but if we can work together, we can make things better by utilitising the numerous opportunities that IT offers to leverage AI, IoT and Emerging technologies in strengthening the security sector.”

Regarding AI, Inuwa asserted that it is a driving force globally, dispelling common misconceptions by emphasising its role in simplifying tasks, providing quick answers, and offering solutions.

He categorized AI into three types based on capability: Narrow Intelligence, General AI, and Deep Learning AI. Narrow Intelligence involves machines outperforming humans in specific tasks, General AI can learn and apply knowledge, and Deep Learning AI uses neural networks, akin to the human brain.

In his response, Commandant NISS Alhaji A.S Adeleke expressed the institute’s intent to learn from NITDA’s experience, seeking valuable insights to inform an executive brief for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR. This brief aims to contribute to policy formulation and implementation.

“We are here to share from your experience and to gather all we can from the beginning of the course because at the end of the course, we are expected to make an executive brief to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR that will aid policy formulation and implementation,” Adeleke said.


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