Dr. Krishnan Ranganath, the Regional Executive – West Africa at Africa Data Centres, has been honoured as one of the 50 Most Valuable Personalities (MVP) in the pursuit of Nigeria’s Digital Economy in Lagos, South-West Nigeria.

At the gathering, which hosted personalities from both government and the private sector, Knowhow Media, the organizer of the event noted that the digital economy in Nigeria has experienced a remarkable evolution, driven by the vision, innovation and dedication of pioneering individuals.

One of those pioneering individuals is Dr. Krishnan Ranganath, who the organizer argued brought his over three decades of expertise in global markets mechanics with diverse multinationals across Emerging Markets, especially in data centers that is today part of the engine room driving the digital economy.

“We are glad to honour and celebrate you for your exceptional contributions as one of the “50 Most Valuable Personalities (MVP) in Nigeria’s Digital Economy. This honour is a recognition of your commitment to fostering and sustaining the growth of the digital economy and Nigeria as a country,” said Olusegun Oruame, Vice Chairman of Knowhow Media.

The “50 Most Valuable Personalities in Nigeria’s Digital Economy” is a spotlight on exceptional individuals, who have propelled Nigeria’s digital economy forward. The recognition acknowledges their achievements and leadership and seeks to inspire, honour and pave the way for continued innovation and progress in the vibrant digital landscape of Nigeria.

Reacting, Dr. Krishnan Ranganath, who is represented at the ceremony by Eugene Uka, Head of Sales-West Africa at Africa Data Centres said recognizing him among the Top 50 MVPs in Nigeria’s digital economy is a testimony that his little contributions are being noticed and he will keep contributing the best of his abilities to the Nation’s growth.

“For me, this is a recognition I believe Dr. Krish will live to remember,” Eugene told Journalists on the sideline of the event.

Speaking on the data centres space, where Dr. Krish is presently playing an active role, Eugene noted that by 2027, the data centres ecosystem in Nigeria is projected to experience a remarkable 220% growth, reaching a valuation of $288.8 million. Thus, contributing massively to the growth of digital economy and ultimately, the economy in general.

This growth, he believes, captured the attention of global players seeking investments in Nigeria.


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