QNET, a global lifestyle and wellness-focused direct-selling company, has recently become aware of fraudulent activities being carried out in the name of its CSR arm, RYTHM Foundation.

An individual had set up an office in Port Harcourt in the name of the RYTHM Foundation and was using online ads offering jobs in the foundation. The incident came to light when a job seeker who had contacted the individual about the job was asked to pay a fee to secure it. Suspicion prompted the job seeker to verify the ad’s legitimacy by contacting the Foundation directly. QNET promptly reported the incident to relevant authorities, which led to the arrest of the perpetrator. The matter is currently under investigation.

QNET is deeply troubled by the impersonation of the RYTHM Foundation for illicit activities, including fake job offers and other deceptive practices. RYTHM Foundation, QNET, and any of our affiliate companies are not associated with these activities and disavow any connection with the perpetrators. The company is committed to collaborating with authorities to apprehend fraudsters.

QNET warns the public to be vigilant and verify information before engaging in any such commitments.

QNET and any of its other affiliated companies do not offer jobs in exchange for a fee. The company urges the public to report any such job ads via the WhatsApp compliance hotline for Sub-Saharan African markets at +233256630005.

QNET remains dedicated to empowering individuals through life-enhancing products and micro-entrepreneurship opportunities. The company has undertaken educational and public awareness initiatives such as establishing the Direct Selling Disinformation Centre (DSDC) and launching the “Social Awareness Campaign” and “Say No! Awareness Campaign” to protect individuals from scams.

Direct Selling Disinformation Centre – https://www.directsellingdisinformation.org/
Say No Campaign – www.saynocampaign.org
QNET reaffirms its commitment to maintaining trust with customers, partners, and communities. The company vows to conduct business with sincerity, integrity, and a focus on enhancing lives through its product offerings and entrepreneurial opportunities.

For more information, visit QNET’s website at www.qnet.net or our Africa blog at https://www.qnetafrica.com/


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