The Google Developer Groups Lagos (GDGLagos) has announced a regional edition of the global #BuildWithAI hackathon, in partnership with SeerBit, Africa’s most trusted payment solutions provider and GOMYCODE.

This hackathon, taking place on Saturday, April 27th and Wednesday, May 1st, 2024, will empower participants to explore Google’s AI tools, Gemini and Vertex AI and develop innovative solutions for real-world challenges.

“We are excited to partner with Seerbit and GoMyCode to bring the #BuildWithAI hackathon to Lagos,” says Co-Organizer, GDGLagos, Femi Taiwo. “This event fosters innovation and empowers individuals to use AI to solve real-world problems. We encourage everyone interested in AI to join us for this inspiring event.”

Founder & CEO of SeerBit, Omoniyi Kolade articulated the profound impact of this collaboration, stating, “At SeerBit, we are committed to pioneering innovative solutions that enhance financial security and foster trust in digital transactions. Collaborating with GDG Lagos amplifies our quest to combat fraud effectively. Together, we aim to empower developers to harness the power of technology for the greater good, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.”

“At GOMYCODE, we are committed to unlocking the potential of innovators across Nigeria and beyond through accessible technology education. The ‘Build With AI’ hackathon with Google Developer Groups Lagos offers a hands-on chance for innovators to use AI for real-world solutions. We’re excited to create a space where technology meets creativity, empowering participants to actively shape the future,” Country Head, GOMYCODE Nigeria, Babatunde Olaifa said.

The #BuildWithAI hackathon aligns with Google’s global initiative to democratize access to AI technology. This regional event in Lagos offers a unique opportunity for developers, data scientists, designers, students, and anyone curious about AI to:
• Gain hands-on experience with Google’s cutting-edge AI tools, Gemini and Vertex AI.
• Tackle real-world challenges across various sectors like sustainability, finance, education, healthcare, and social good.
• Leverage SeerBit’s expertise in digital payments to create solutions with tangible applications.
• Develop in-demand skills with the support of GoMyCode’s training resources.
• Collaborate in teams and network with fellow AI enthusiasts.
• Compete for a chance to win a cash prize of NGN 1,000,000, office space to further develop their winning solution, and the opportunity to partner with SeerBit, with NGN 500,000 and NGN 250,000 for second and third place respectively.

The GDGLagos #BuildWithAI hackathon serves as a springboard for the global Google AI Hackathon, taking place online. This international event focuses on pushing the boundaries of what Generative AI apps can do with Gemini. Participants in the Lagos event are highly encouraged to consider entering the global competition as well.

GDGLagos will provide ongoing support and guidance to the regional winner as they prepare to compete on the global stage. This includes access to mentorship, resources and technical expertise to help them refine their solution and showcase their talent to a worldwide audience.

Startup founders, experienced developers, data scientists and expert resources and designated mentors will be available during the hackathon to provide guidance, refine ideas, answer questions and offer technical support to participants. This ensures they receive the necessary guidance to tackle the challenges and bring their innovative ideas to life.


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