Africa has a wealth of sunshine, but unlocking its clean energy potential requires a significant investment of $277 billion annually to achieve the continent’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, a panel at the Invest in African Energy (IAE) 2024 forum has submitted.

At the forum held in Paris yesterday, the panel emphasized Africa’s massive solar potential, boasting 60% of the world’s best resources. Companies like ENGIE Energy Access are already taking action. Their $60 million mini-grid project in Nigeria aims to connect over 150,000 people to clean energy by 2026.

It also believes that investment is crucial, and pan-African infrastructure investor Africa50 Group is playing its part. Having secured $222.5 million from African institutions in January, they’re positioned to fund renewable energy projects across the continent.

Meanwhile, discussions during the panel stressed the importance of:

  • Public-private partnerships: Collaboration between governments and businesses is key.
  • Innovative financing: New approaches are needed to attract investment.
  • Local ownership: African institutions and a favorable investment climate are critical.
  • International support: A shift away from fossil fuels by international stakeholders is vital.

Also, a concerted effort is needed to unlock Africa’s clean energy potential. By harnessing its abundant solar resources and fostering collaboration, Africa can achieve a more sustainable future.


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