…. An Elegant Timepiece That Plants Trees
Bernhard H. Mayer®, QNET’s esteemed luxury brand, today announced the launch of the OMNI Watch, a pioneering addition to its exquisite collection that blends top-tier elegance with environmental consciousness.

As part of the launch, QNET has reinforced its commitment to sustainability by partnering with eco-focused organizations to plant trees for every OMNI Watch sold, amplifying the brand’s impact on global reforestation efforts.

The OMNI Watch comes in seven distinct variants, each featuring straps made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and bodies crafted from 85% recycled steel. This design not only exemplifies durability and flexibility but also showcases the brand’s dedication to reducing environmental impact, aligning with the latest consumer preferences for sustainable luxury products.

“In developing the OMNI Watch, we were driven by our vision of integrating eco-friendly practices with our longstanding tradition of excellence in watchmaking. This product is for those who want it all – style, sophistication, and a sustainable lifestyle,” said Trevor Kuna, Chief Transformation & Reputation Officer at QNET.

To kickstart the tree-planting initiative, 1,500 trees have already been planted — 500 in Cairo, Egypt, in collaboration with Shagarha, and 1,000 in Amizmiz, Morocco, in partnership with the High Atlas Foundation. These efforts are part of QNET’s larger Green Legacy Programme, a reforestation campaign that has successfully planted over 10,000 trees worldwide in the past two years.

“Each OMNI Watch sold translates directly into more trees planted, further enhancing our global canopy and contributing to the communities we serve. Through these actions, we reaffirm our commitment to the planet and our customers, ensuring that our luxury products leave a positive legacy,” added Kuna.

Amina El Hajjami, Director of Programs for the High Atlas Foundation, emphasized the scale and future potential of this initiative: “Planting trees plays a crucial role in our commitment to preserving biodiversity and advancing sustainable practices. With QNET’s invaluable support, we’ve achieved significant environmental benefits in the Amizmiz region. The planting of these initial 1,500 trees marks just the beginning. We are eager to intensify our efforts, planting additional trees in the coming months to further our environmental objectives.”

The OMNI Watch is available for purchase through QNET’s exclusive distribution network, offering


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