Nigeria is poised to become a global tech hub, and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is leading the charge.

By partnering with local governments, NITDA aims to ensure everyone in Nigeria benefits from the power of digital technologies.

NITDA Director General Kashifu Inuwa met with presidential advisors on community engagement to discuss collaboration on this digital transformation journey. This aligns perfectly with President Bola Tinubu’s eight focus areas, especially economic reform for inclusive growth.

Inuwa outlined NITDA’s vision: a Nigeria where innovation fuels economic prosperity for all. He emphasized how this vision aligns with the President’s priorities, including economic growth, national security, food security, infrastructure development, education and healthcare investment, economic diversification, and improved governance.

NITDA’s recently created Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (SRAP 2.0) serves as the blueprint to achieve these goals. Inuwa highlighted “Foster Digital Literacy and Cultivate Talents” as a core pillar promoting inclusivity.

To bridge the digital divide, NITDA is working to make Nigerians digitally literate. Their ambitious National Digital Literacy Framework aims for 95% literacy by 2030, with a mid-term target of 70% by 2027 set by the President.

Digital literacy training is being integrated into school curriculums alongside industry-standard certifications that will be required for government jobs. NITDA is also collaborating with the Ministry of Education on these initiatives.

For everyday Nigerians, NITDA offers practical training through TV shows, social media, radio broadcasts, and roadshows, empowering them to use digital tools for online banking, government services, and more.

The 3 Million Tech Talent program, a joint effort by the Ministry of Communications and NITDA, tackles skill gaps by training youth in high-demand areas. Over 30,000 individuals have already participated in the pilot phase, with the second phase underway.

Inuwa provided a comprehensive overview of NITDA’s other strategic pillars, including research infrastructure, policy development, affordable internet access, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship support, strategic partnerships, and internal agency development. He shared details on government initiatives offering infrastructure, training programs, and support for innovation across the nation.

Presidential advisor Hon. Abdallah Tanko Yakassai commended Inuwa’s presentation and expressed his team’s eagerness to collaborate. They aim to spread awareness of NITDA’s programs to all 774 local governments.

“The President prioritizes the grassroots,” Yakassai said. “Our role is to ensure government initiatives reach the people. We need to show them the value of your programs and how they can participate.”

By working together, NITDA and local communities can ensure that everyone in Nigeria benefits from the exciting opportunities of the digital age.


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