For its people oriented practices in Africa, Infobip, a global cloud communication company for businesses and a leader in omnichannel customer engagement, has been awarded the Top Employer certification for 2022 by the Top Employer Institutute, which recognises excellence in people practices.

Specifically, Infobip received the recognition for its Human Resources (HR) policies, practices and procedures across its operation in four African countries, namely South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco.

Commenting on the recognition, Domenico Devescovi, VP General Manager for Africa at Infobip, stated that the Top Employer certification confirmed the fact that the company’s efforts to implement the best people strategies and practices for its employees are on solid grounding.

“We take great pride in being recognised as a Top Employer because employees that are happy and feel well looked after are central to the overall success of the business.  We are always looking for the best and in return we want to give them the best experience and career prospects. In doing so we are able to build stronger teams and to strengthen our engagement in Africa,” said Devescovi.

Devescovi added that Infobip is proud to have Africa among the Infobip regions that have achieved this accolade and celebrate this alongside our international colleagues.

As part of the certification, Infobip received a Red Seal for being certified on a country level in the four different countries, as well as a Blue Seal for being certified across the African region.

Also commenting, Reshanda Jooste, People Operations Lead for Africa at Infobip, explains that the organisation had to meet rigorous criteria and undergo a strict process to achieve the Top Employer certification.

“Firstly, we needed to subject our HR policies, practices and procedures to evaluation. Once these were pre-approved, we needed to complete an HR Best Practices survey, which is an international benchmark that all organisations that participate in this programme must complete.

“Thereafter, organisations receive overall scoring, followed by comparative feedback on HR for their activities. This is useful as it allows you to gain insight into other organisations’ people practices,” said Jooste.

To qualify for entry into the programme, companies must have a minimum global headcount of 2 500. The certification criteria were the same for all four African countries. The Top Employer certification is valid for a year and can be reissued on a yearly basis, provided that the organisation completes the process every year.

Infobip has already signed an agreement to be part of the programme for the next three years and to go through the process on an annual basis.

Top Employer Institute’s certification differs to that of other organisations as it is based purely on an audit of processes and not on customer and employee satisfaction scores. External auditors are brought in to audit Top Employee participants to ensure compliance and the integrity of the final results.

Attaining this certification would not have been possible without teamwork and collaboration.


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